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Jelica Minić, Belgrade: Open Balkan, what is it?

As a smaller, more operational format of cooperation between countries that do not have open bilateral issues, the Open Balkan has managed to make several important breakthroughs in the "four freedoms" package. Jelica Minić The fourth summit of leaders of the Open Balkan initiative took place in Ohrid on June

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Zlatko Vujović, Podgorica: The Eurosceptics’ Initiative

All of our Western partners see Montenegro's EU membership as a priority. However, if the government does not fulfil those obligations by the end of this month, ie next month (July), we may lose the chance to obtain final benchmarks. And instead of the EU here we are, back to

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Sefer Selimi, Skopje: The three main fear factors of the Open Balkans

The impression is created that the Open Balkans will serve as a ghetto for the EU, which will always wait at the door of the Union but will never be fully integrated within it. Sefer Selimi   When Prime Ministers Zaev, Rama and Vuçi announced the initiative known today as

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Milos Solaja, Banja Luka: Balkan Challenge or an illusion?

Will the European practice of "four freedoms" show progressive power in the Region? Will the growing pains make even the distrustful ones "jump on the bandwagon"? Prof. Dr. Milos Solaja There are few regions in the world where countries understand each other so well and yet remain distant from each

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