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Respect women’s rights

Albanian business women are publicly advocating for respecting women's rights across different fields of life.  In the video we see Albana Mucaj, Antonela Hako, Valbona Begolli, Irena Toci, Antoneta Ndreka i Alida Kondi, successful business women and Board Members of the Albanian Women's Economic Chamber.

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Good will bikers

Draško and Monika Bošković, and Damir Bučan are motorcycle enthusiasts who have launched a humanitarian organisation last year to help those in need, especially children. They were joined by their friends, bikers, and many volunteers. This is a story of their humanitarianism, and their growing plans...

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Maja Raičević, Podgorica: The invisible pandemic

While Montenegrin public prosecutors and police officials demonstrated unparalleled efficiency in prosecuting those who were breaching the recommended pandemic measures, their response to domestic violence was nowhere nearly as effective.  Maja Raičević As early as April this year, one month into the public health measures in Montenegro, women’s protection non-governmental

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Jelena Hrnjak, Belgrade: The loudest voices are the ones justifying violence

A threat is violence in itself, and it must be treated that way. It is also necessary to develop society consciousness that violence is unacceptable, including the social responsibility of reporting it. Children should be spoken to on these topics as early as elementary school, especially boys, who should be

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Nora Ahmetaj, Pristina: Only women deal with women

Two years ago, Pjetër Ndrecaj murdered his spouse Valbona and his nine year old daughter Klara. Apart from using violence against them for a long period he ended up murdering them. The Court of Gjakova, after the retrial of this case, sentenced him with only 24 years and six months

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