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Dragan Komadina, Mostar: Homo Mostariensis

It is said that homo sapiens is the only animal species that is able to imagine things that do not exist. Through a theatrical collaboration, the Mostar version of homo sapiens has shown that it is not only imaginative, but also can be a dignified signpost and an alternative to

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Slađana Kavarić Mandić, Podgorica: Young, Beautiful and Purebred

All communities are closing in, without realising that religious and national differences are not the cause of problems and conflicts, but in fact the issue is in the limited awareness within that same community. Sladjana Kavaric Mandic If we look at the growth trends of young people with a university

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Arjana Muçaj, Tiranë: The tolerance of a society is seen in the respect of minorities

Ethnic minorities today are a contributing force of Albanian society to the consolidation of democracy in the country. Arjana Muçaj From the anthropological point of view, Albanians belong to the Mediterranean features. Per our information, the boundaries set in 1913 to date have not changed. According to statistics over the

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Ana Cupeska, Skopje: Interculturalism as a response to Ethno – Corporatism

In North Macedonia a multicultural-accommodative model of the non- territorial type has been normatively established in order to avoid an ethno - federalization of the country. Dr. Ana Cupeska Multiculturalism is a social fact, not a desired or less desired political destination. There are no countries in the world whose

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