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Support to entrepreneurs in Montenegro

The Administration of the Capital of Montenegro, through open calls providing non-refundable support, helped entrepreneurs to develop new business ideas or improve existing ones, all with the aim of preserving and reviving Stara Varoš, the historical core of Podgorica.

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Inclusive approach in cooperation with young people

Blin Ahmeti is a 19-year-old from Kosovo who voted for the first time in the local elections on October 17. He hopes that the newly elected mayor will cooperate more with young people regarding the development and improvement of Pristina's infrastructure.

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Sofija Daceva, Skopje: Wine ice cream story

How a unique idea of a young lady from North Macedonia turned out to be a full success.  Sofija Daceva  I am a 27-year-old female entrepreneur and founder of three companies two in North Macedonia and one in United Kingdom. My companies specialize in development of innovative technological processes in

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Marina Tucović, Užice: Fear, ideas, and perseverance lead to success

Losing a job is a very difficult and stressful situation to face, especially when you live in an environment where there is little chance of finding a new job. Then the greatest fears of existential nature develop and the most common question you ask yourself is - what next? Marina

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Radomir Petric, Bar: “Baranke” enchanted Arab sheikhs

The Bokovac family workshop in Bar creates wooden boats admired by sailors from around the world.  Radomir Petrić “This is not just work, it's love. That has been instilled in me since I was little, there is nothing else I could do.”  This is how Nenad Bokovac (53) from Bar

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Shpetim Luku, Tirana: The “crazy” Albanian who built the largest agro farm in the region

 "The biggest risk for most of us is not that our goal is too high and we cannot reach it, but that it is very low and we achieve it easily"  Shpetim Luku  The Albanian economy has agriculture among the priority sectors. There is a lot of discussion about the

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