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Poor media practices: Reporting on Albanians

This video by the Novi Sad School of Journalism is part of a series within the 'Media coverage of violent extremism and terrorism' project; participants comment on poor media practices in reporting on different social groups - Albanians, Croats, women, and those with differing political views.

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Masa Glusica: 44.3% of young people in Montenegro don’t want a vaccine

Vaccination is the best way to stop the pandemic according to 69.7% of young people in Montenegro, but as much as 44.3% don't want to get vaccinated themselves according to the recent research by the Montenegrin NGO Center for youth affirmation and development.

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Politics and incidents, the only topics shared across the region

Do Kosovar media sufficiently inform citizens on regional news? Was the region ever interested in anything other than politics and incidents regarding Kosovo?  Gëzim Baxhaku, journalist and publicist, shares his view on the topic for Vicinity.  

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Nikola Burazer, Belgrade: The media – an obstacle or an opportunity for regional unity?

The media scene in the Western Balkans is a very important factor which will influence whether the people in our region perceive each other as enemies and threats, or whether we will leave this discourse behind. Nikola Burazer Although the Western Balkans are often referred to as a unique space,

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Metodija Stojceski, Krusevo: From strong sympathies to strong hatred

Do people in the region know each other well enough, are those strong emotions based on personal experiences, or are they a reflection of: the daily political narrative, the historical events or the media representation of the others? Dr Metodija Stojceski If we sum the population of all countries in the

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Nedjeljko Rudovic, Podgorica: Hey Slavs, get a grip

With a few regional TV channels lighting up the darkness, at least one significant news portal in each of the countries in the region, and with an army of those who want to reach Europe by staying right at home, we will emerge victorious in the war for normality. Nedjeljko

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Dzevdet Tuzlic: Really – you and I – what are we the sum of?

What are we the sum of in these new geo-political circumstances? How much does the media cross these new boundaries? How intrigued are they by the new particular realities?  Dzevdet Tuzlic Tito, Andric, Krleza, Selimovic, Copic, Konstantinovic, Mesic, Djajic, Osim, Sekularac, Susic, Cerar, Monica Seles, Lepa Brena, Ekaterina Velika, Bijelo

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