Third Edition of the regional initiative “Trees of Friendship”

"With our “Trees of friendship” we primarily want to raise the awareness of the citizens of our region about the consequences of their individual activities on nature pollution.   The third edition of the regional "Trees of Friendship" action initiated by the European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) and implemented

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Voja Žanetić: On advertisements and billboards

And how dearly will it cost us to think that civilization rests on peasant women from city billboards. And not on  ladies from the village. Voja Žanetić The craziest thing anyone could think of would be to start a serious editorial with two real estate ads. Well, for the craziness

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Voja Žanetić: The basic package and a huge carpet

If we were looking for a slogan for the EPC, ”Better than nothing" would do the job in the Western Balkans. Voja Žanetić Before we start considering issues related to the European political community, which is the topic of today's issue of Vicinity, I would like to share a personal

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Voja Žanetić: Saving electricity and fear of the dark

There is a long list of topics on which the so-called “ordinary people"  are called on for help or general solidarity, and, as a rule, this happens only when institutional stupidity and carelessness take on catastrophic social, economic and other proportions. Voja Žanetić Before we all found ourselves in this

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Voja Žanetić: Even Krishna doesn’t help

Website and database crashes will represent only one of the measuring units that demonstrate the technological and other backwardness of any infrastructure, an infrastructure whose Administrators we vote for every four years or so.  Voja Žanetić The complex story of cyber security – and that's what we're dealing with this

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Voja Žanetić: On Columbus and ideological Indians

In short: everything that we think was on the right had moved to the left, and everything that was on the left had moved to the right. Voja Žanetić We all know the story of how the Indians (politically correct – Native Americans) got their name. Which is no reason

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Voja Žanetić: Jozef K. in the Western Balkans

The Berlin process could be one big “Oh come on already” in various areas: from building roads to the famous reconciliation, lucratively mixed in with good neighborly relations. We said, it could be. But it is a Process after all. Voja Žanetić If someone was really looking for a really

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