Voja Žanetić: Children’s guardians

No one is better at protecting civilization and knowledge than those who protect children from uncivilization and ignorance. Voja Žanetić Her name was Andjelija Lelicanin. She was an elementary school maths teacher, in this past century. She recognized the glasses-wearing boy had a talent for calculations, formulas and problems, so

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European Fund for the Balkans (EFB): Engage, Inspire, Empower

The second edition of the “Engaged Democracy Convention - Engage, Inspire, Empower!” will be organised from May 17 to 20, 2023 in Pristina, Kosovo, as a continuation of the work carried out within the Engaged Democracy Initiative (EDI). The EDI was initiated by the Europea Fund for the Balkans (EFB)

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Voja Zanetic: What was the Berlin Process again?

Instead of the Berlin process Berlin walls are being built over here with great enthusiasm, and they are even more beautiful, bigger and older than the original. Voja Zanetic If we're going to be very honest and direct, I don't even remember what happened yesterday, let alone almost twenty years

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Voja Zanetic: Democracy and a lack of luck

Here we are, wondering if we’d have more luck throwing together an ancient Greek election tombola instead of the modern election carambole. Voja Zanetic If you allow me, I will be the first columnist on this website, and I suppose in general, who used the services of the GPT-4 platform

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Third Edition of the regional initiative “Trees of Friendship”

"With our “Trees of friendship” we primarily want to raise the awareness of the citizens of our region about the consequences of their individual activities on nature pollution.   The third edition of the regional "Trees of Friendship" action initiated by the European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) and implemented

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Voja Žanetić: On advertisements and billboards

And how dearly will it cost us to think that civilization rests on peasant women from city billboards. And not on  ladies from the village. Voja Žanetić The craziest thing anyone could think of would be to start a serious editorial with two real estate ads. Well, for the craziness

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Voja Žanetić: The basic package and a huge carpet

If we were looking for a slogan for the EPC, ”Better than nothing" would do the job in the Western Balkans. Voja Žanetić Before we start considering issues related to the European political community, which is the topic of today's issue of Vicinity, I would like to share a personal

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