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Ivana Korajlić, executive director of Transparency International, Banja Luka: We cannot even consider this to be a minimum of democracy

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Citizens of Belgrade answer the question of whether they would accept the European agreement on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina

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Asim Mujkić, Sarajevo: The rule of ethnopolitics

The political articulation of ethno-nationalist rule is ethnopolitics, which comes with a wide array of its own "ratios", "quotas", “reciprocities”, making this country a "partially free partial country of partial democracy". Asim Mujkic Learning that, according to the parameters of democratic states, BiH is qualified as a "partially free country"

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Srđan Perić, Podgorica: A lever instead of an intersection

We were not ready for a leap forward - the smallest possible one was made Srđan Perić  The long-lasting government produced a state of mind in which we can hardly distinguish between what is beneficial and what is harmful to us. All that should strengthen democracy had been weakened or

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Bojana Selaković, Belgrade: The trend of simulating democracy

One gets the impression that by narrowing the space for civil action, the government is trying to homogenize public opinion on high foreign policy priorities, instead of allowing for a broad and essential debate about them.  Bojana Selaković The global and regional disturbances that marked the past year clearly demonstrated

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Elvin Luku, Tirane: Fragile democracy in Albania

Freedom House's "Nations in Transit" report for 2022 classifies Albania as a "hybrid regime" while the country does not reach more than 45.8% of the overall scoring system for the pillars of democracy.  Elvin Luku Albania is considered a hybrid democracy, while its indicators, especially regarding media freedom, are declining,

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