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Aleksandra Tomanic, Belgrade: From regional cooperation to regional solidarity

Regional cooperation needs to include citizens, needs to address citizens and they have to be put into the center.  Aleksandra Tomanic The European Fund for the Balkans turns 15 this year and has lived through all the turbulent times of regional cooperation. Thanks to its founders and funders who stayed

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Andrijana Radović: Podgorica: In honesty and without hiding

A high-quality, functional and sustainable connection of our region can only be achieved if the major players in the Balkans see the necessity of equal treatment of all Andrijana Radović The world is changing before our eyes. If we don't adapt our understanding to it - we’re in trouble. We

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Borjan Jovanovski, Skopje: The Closed Mind of the Open Balkans

An Open Balkan sounds good. But, it is anything but Open. The Balkan still lives surrounded by a mental wall. Borjan Jovanovski The initiative itself for the Open Balkans as autochthonous sounds good. To work on the development of regional cooperation as a need of the countries of the region

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Gazmend Berlajolli, Pristina: “The need for a progressive vision for democracy in the Western Balkans”

This challenging period for democracy in the Western Balkans requires exceptional leadership with a vision that sees progressive solutions.  Gazmend Berlajolli In the dynamic and ever-evolving context of the Western Balkans, the challenges facing our democracies today are truly unique. From the legacy of historical conflicts to the complexities of

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