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Gorjan Jovanovski, Skopje: Fighting for clean air with an app

AirCare has over 500,000 users, and over 10 national and international awards, and this year we were named the youngest European innovators at the World Summit Awards for 2020! Gorjan Jovanovski AirCare was a completely random application, and I definitely did not plan for it to become world famous. While

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Vladimir Radojicic, Belgrade: For the smiles and health of our children

It may be difficult to believe, but the 16 coal powerplants in the Western Balkans release more sulfur dioxide than the 250 power plants in the EU. The effects of this pollution reach as far as Russia and Egypt. Vladimir Radoicic It's a Sunday. We are descending down a winding

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Samir Lemes, Zenica: Polluted air knows no borders

The industry owners are international corporations, and state-owned thermal power plants are run by politicians. Both tend to take advantage of a lack of knowledge, fear, and mistrust to maintain the status quo. Samir Lemes Zenica has been a ferrous metallurgy hub for centuries, and it has struggled with industrial

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Kledisa Cela, Tirane: Promoting a clean, healthy, and stable vicinity

Being informed and aware about the problems of air pollution could motivate the citizens to become part of a united battle for clean air in their street, neighborhood, village and city in the Western Balkans. Kledisa Cela Environmental and Territorial Management Institute (ETMI) is a non-profit organization founded in March

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Roni Idrizaj, Prishtina: Air quality is a fundamental human right

Noticing that the air is getting polluted by each day more in the whole region, and at the same time among the people it is being normalized the categorization of the Balkan places as the most polluted places in the world, we thought it is reasonable to try to intervene

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Aleksandar Perovic, Niksic: Air pollution is a top priority regional issue

We are confident the regional campaign will help strengthen our activities, improve the knowledge of our team, and bring us new experiences. Hopefully it will also raise awareness on the air pollution issue within the Western Balkans, which is crucial in overturning current worrying trends. Aleksandar Perovic The Ozon ecological

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Aleksandra Tomanic: Balkans United for Clean Air

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 13,500 lives are lost due to air pollution only in the Western Balkans. Every year. 13,500. Aleksandra Tomanic Air knows no borders. We are all in this together. Each winter, our region's capitals figure prominently and regularly among the global top 10 lists

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Neighbourhood entrepreneurs

The Uzice Women’s Center was launched by a community textile recycling firm, and it is devoted to systemically fighting for bettering women’s position in society, especially those who are victims of violence. This video is part of a larger project, ‘Encouraging social and solidarity economy’ by the Coalition for Solidarity

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Planting trees on National Youth and Liberty Day

The 8th of December is celebrated as a national holiday of Youth and Liberty in Albania, as student anti-dictatorship protests began on that day in 1990. Tirana Mayor Erion Veliaj planted trees to commemorate this date, with the support of youth activists.

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