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Meeting of Belgrade CSOs on climate change

The European Movement in Serbia organized an online meeting with local CSOs and activists on the fight against climate change, during which they discussed the lack of professional and financial capacity in the implementation of environmental actions.

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If someone hits you with a stone, hit him back with an even bigger one

The topic researched by the Podgorica CDT (Center for Democratic Transition) is a political and ideological competition that came down from the parliament, council halls and the sphere of online disputes to the field of attacks on the property of political opponents and dissidents.

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Meeting on EU integration of Northern Macedonia

Video of the "Macedonian Information Agency" about the meeting between the Austrian Federal Minister for International and European Affairs, Michael Linhart, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Northern Macedonia, Bujar Osmani.

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Aleksandra Tomanic, Belgrade: Enlargement 2021- Captured states, captured Commission

With regard to EU enlargement, the citizens of the Western Balkans, but also many EU citizens, expect EU institutions and the member states to abandon hypocrisy.  Aleksandra Tomanic In 2018, the European Commission stated that across the Western Balkans, “the countries show clear elements of state capture”. An important assessment,

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Astrit Istrefi, Prishtina: The importance of negotiation processes for stability in the region

Examples across the region show that striking a deal is not the end but the beginning of a fundamental process. Astrit Istrefi There are numerous formal and informal negotiation/dialogue processes taking place among the various actors within and between the countries in the Western Balkans (WB). Among the ones in

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Borjan Jovanovski, Skopje: In EU’s jaws

Zaev is leaving and with this move he is making one last desperate maneuver in an attempt to attract the attention of the EU and remind them that, if the European Council in December again fails to deliver the promised start of negotiations, the pro-European energy of the Macedonian society

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Brano Mandic, Podgorica: Operation Mauritius

For Djukanovic, the situation is already becoming logically unsustainable. If this continues, his only chance is to fly off, somewhere far away… Brano Mandic Everything else aside, I can't quite grasp how, after thirty years, Milo Djukanovic manages to have people believe him on his words alone. Half a year

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