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Rajko Zivkovic: Personalities which shaped us

A story of the incomparable importance of personalities who shaped the consciousness of younger generations up until the wars of the 90s. The cult of personality, not only of Josip Broz Tito, but other highest officers of former Yugoslavia, is seen through the prism of high values and unity.

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Diplomats united in isolation

'Diplomats United in Isolation' is an interesting reflection of 13 residential ambassadors of EU Member States in Montenegro, and the EU Ambassador Aivo Orav on their work during Covid. Along with their diplomatic activities, details from their personal lives and intimate thoughts, the book represents European solidarity with Montenegro.

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The Regional Green Youth Charter

The European Movement in Serbia organized a "Zoom" conference on May 24 to present the results of the "Regional Environmental Charter for Youth" project. The project aims to empower students from underdeveloped areas to take a more active role in advocating for the benefits of switching to renewable energy production

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Srdjan Milosevic, Belgrade: Comrade, Marshal, President

Tito was a man of the cabinet, of a chamber atmosphere in which, obviously, the characteristics of his personality seemed more convincing than in public appearances. Srdjan Milosevic The collapse of socialism intensified the debates and sharpened various criticisms of that order, both globally and in local contexts. Part of

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Artan Fuga, Tirana: The cult of Enver Hoxha, in between the leader and the father

Enver Hoxha raised his cult taking the image of the "leader”, knowing that in Albanian history, the latter has always been deified.   He also took the image of the "father", which inspired especially the rural population, educated with patriarchal mentality.   Artan Fuga When talking about the way Enver Hoxha ruled

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Filip Stojanovski, Skopje: Populism and everything is possible, even “After Tito – Tito”

Today's Balkan cults of personality are based on the ubiquity of leaders in the controlled media. They also use the old methods of reshaping public space through new buildings and statues. Filip Stojanovski Seemingly paradoxically, in 2012, it was the regime of the declared anti-communist party VMRO-DPMNE that erected a

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Violeta Oroshi Berishaj, Prishtina: Balkan hostages of the cult of personality

Blind support for ‘sick’ promises and ideas of ‘almighty and immortal’, almost mythical, leaders usually end in bloodshed. Violeta Oroshi Berishaj Exactly 43 years ago, Sanie Hyseni from Prishtina, then-medical student and a Tito Fund scholar, handed over the Youth Relay to Tito for the last time! On behalf of

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