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Guest appearance on TV N1 on the occasion of the Twitter account suspension of the Vicinity platform

Secretary General of the EMinS and “Vicinity” Editor-in-chief Zvezdana Kovac speaks for N1 Television about the challenges this regional media platform is currently facing, which was established by the European Fund for the Balkans and the European Movement in Serbia.

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What is it like being a woman born in Montenegro?

This video is a result of research run by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), whose programme activities focus on empowering women and their participation in all spheres of life, including participation in decision-making processes.

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Conference on the EU integration process of the Western Balkan countries

Conference organized by the European Fund for the Balkans and the Foreign Policy Forum in Zagreb on the topic of the latest BIEPAG policy brief titled “Bouncing back: Completing the EU unification process”

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Božena Jelusic, Budva: Patriarchy is more alive than ever

In our authoritarian and exclusive communities, intolerant of the Other and the Different, violence against women in politics is almost normalised. Unfortunately, women themselves participate in discrimination against women in politics, thus ensuring majority support for regimes that discriminate against them. Božena Jelusic  In recent Montenegrin history, the entry of

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Jana Belcheva Andreevska, Skopje: We must not betray idealism

As female politicians, I believe we face challenges that hit us more emotionally and disturb us, sometimes shock us, and many times make us unconsciously withdraw in front of the aggression or the simplicity of some male “colleagues”, who certainly have no place in politics.  Jana Belcheva Andreevska  There are

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Maja Sedlarevic, Belgrade: It’s complicated

If it were not for women, there would be no budget amendments related to gender budgeting, if there were no women, many important topics would not be discussed and the voice of some marginalized groups and individuals would remain silent.  Maja Sedlarevic  It is true that the more women there

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