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Bojana Kovač, Beograd: Chatbots see you in court, or not?

ChatGPT was not created for legal purposes and therefore it might not be the best law student to hire as an intern in a law firm.  Bojana Kovač Ever since AI chatbot, ChatGPT, made its first appearance in a law case (in a civil law case in Colombia in February

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Linda Baleta, Prishtine: A World Run on Algorithms – From Ada Lovelace to Mira Murati

In 2023, OpenAI’s Mira Murati took the world by storm with the fascinating ChatGPT, and nothing is the same any more.  Linda Baleta The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has also given rise to concerns, ranging from privacy concerns to security dependency, job automation, misinformation and manipulation, even ethical

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Nikola Bulatović, Podgorica: From apocalyptic predictions to saving the world

If we want to give full momentum to the development of artificial intelligence, it is necessary to create a system strategy at the state level. Nikola Bulatović The era of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived and is one of the indispensable topics in our daily activities, with views ranging from

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Vladimir Radevski, Skopje: What confuses our minds?

Our new online friend is accessible to us for communication, but he is not ours, he is not even public. Prof. Vladimir Radevski PhD Recently, we got a completely new interlocutor, quite different from the previous ones - finally an interlocutor, and not just a stock recommender. Is it because

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