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The President of European Commission Ms. Ursula Von der Leyen : “Without inclusion of Balkans in our family, The European Union is not complete”

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Duško Lopandić, Belgrade: New types of pan-European cooperation

The “European Summit" aims to establish a new form of European institutional architecture that would represent the widest circle in the series of institutional circles whose integral core is the European Union. Dusko Lopandić The "Europe" summit of 44 European countries’ heads of state or government held in Prague did

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Nada Bogetić, Podgorica: Under the radar

The key question is whether the EPC is actually an outer layer in Macron’s, and generally France’s, long-term vision of a multi-layered Europe or a Europe of concentric circles intended for states that the French president believes should be far from the decision-making core. Nada Bogetić Half a year after

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Lutfi Dervishi, Tirana: EPC – a brake on the road to the EU?

One more club is not a bad idea in itself, but a club without clear objectives risks spending time talking about important issues, but without solutions and results. Lutfi Dervishi Albania has just opened negotiations with the European Union. The long wait has reduced the enthusiasm of Tirana's leadership for

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Andreja Stojkovski, Skopje: Two speed of the European Union

The organization puts together at the same table Kosovo and its five non-recognizers from the EU; it gives a seat and voice to Turkey’s Erdogan while aggressively looking at its neighbor Greece; and brings in the only country to so far leave the EU, the United Kingdom. Andreja Stojkovski The

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