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Children of correctional homes without compulsory education

Despite the construction of a new facility with access to sports fields, a gym and a new backyard, the children of Volkovija, in North Macedonia, are still deprived of primary education.

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Borjan Jovanovski, Skopje: Putin as Charlemagne

The EU's confusion over the region, the free fall of its credibility, is a perfect hypersonic rocket that Europe is giving Putin for free. Borjan Jovanovski The war in Ukraine is being watched as a football match in the Balkans. On one stand are those who support Putin, on the

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Srecko Djukic, Belgrade: The Russian Balkan Front must be closed

The Western Balkans present an incomplete region of peace and integration into Europe, facing new temptations of the Russian war tsunami. Dr. Srecko Djukic Russia, one of the world’s five nations with greatest responsibility, carried out the aggression on Ukraine in order to achieve its own goals in the Euro-Atlantic

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Daliborka Uljarević & Milica Zindović, Podgorica: Sealed Damage

Certain key decision-makers in Montenegro have shown that they remain within the provincial framework of policy thinking and conduct, overestimating their roles while underestimating fundamental principles. Daliborka Uljarević & Milica Zindović Russia's aggression on Ukraine has changed the bloodstream of international relations. However, it seems like an understanding of the

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Sokol Dervishaj, Tirana: Ukraine as a warning

This war has the high potential to affect WB future economically and politically. Countries are divided over condemning Russia and joining international sanctions. These differences if not managed will affect the current status of relations and hamper the progress achieved so far.  Sokol Dervishaj  War in Ukraine is the perfect

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