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Vicinities Chronicles are open to all those who wish to share their perspectives, open up dialogue, and discuss problems – those who wish to live in a better, more stable environment.
We will be publishing six weekly stories, from across the Western Balkans, with the aim to shed light on social, political and cultural realities, testifying to this moment in time.

Vladimir Radunović, Belgrade: Cyber-security and digital society – two sides of the same coin

It has become clear: we are no longer (only) targets in cyber space – we are weapons used to attack others. Vladimir Radunović At the end of June 2017 several large companies - Maersk, DHL, Mondelez and others - almost ceased to exist due to the intrusion of a virus

2022-09-27T20:40:29+00:00September 27th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Ljubica Pendaroska, Skopje: What have we learned from previous attacks?

Hacker attacks happen everywhere, regardless of the sophistication of the protection system. In the cyber world, there is no such thing as a perfect protection, nor a perfect crime! Ljubica Pendaroska At the outset, it would be correct to acknowledge: the criminal mind of hackers is almost always a step

2022-09-27T20:40:04+00:00September 27th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Saša Šćekić, Podgorica: A wake-up call for cyber security

This year has made it clear to us that a comprehensive, strategic and practical approach to defence of critical IT infrastructure is necessary. Saša Šćekić The scope of the cyber attack that recently "knocked down" most of the public administration services in Montenegro is so large that the Government had

2022-09-27T20:39:32+00:00September 27th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Anila Hoxha, Tiranë: Vulnerable to cyber attacks

As a NATO member country, Albania was involved in the drafting of national cyber defense policies, among them the National Strategy 2020-2025. Anila Hoxha 6 years ago, at the Warsaw Summit, NATO Heads of State defined cyberspace as an operational dimension of NATO, land, sea and outer space alike. This

2022-09-27T20:39:07+00:00September 27th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Arben Murtezić, Sarajevo: Ransomware attacks, the biggest scourge of the digital world

Increased cryptocurrency traffic is often the only source of knowledge that a major ransomware attack has occurred, as a huge number of attacks go unreported. Arben Murtezić For a man who spends his life in the middle of discussions about religion and nation that often sound, and sometimes are, centuries

2022-09-27T20:38:43+00:00September 27th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Arian Sheremeti, Prishtina: Cyber war

In 2016, NATO allies recognized cyberspace as a new operational area that NATO must protect as much as it must protect air, land, and sea space.  Arian Sheremeti Worldwide statistics show an alarming increase in cyber attacks and according to trends they will not slow down. Escalations of geopolitical tensions

2022-09-27T20:38:24+00:00September 27th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Sanja Radović, Belgrade: Between the lesser of two bads – an ideologically lost Serbia

The left is in global retreat - ideologically vaguely positioned after the collapse of state socialism, ranging from green and pro-NATO to the authoritarian, Russophile and Sinophile left. Sanja Radovic Serbia today is divided into extreme and moderate right. Even the centrist options do not stand a better chance, let

2022-09-20T19:21:40+00:00September 20th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Boro Kontić, Sarajevo: To the left, to the right, our apartment is nowhere to be found…

Professor Grebo claimed somewhat ironically that in BiH no one knows who is left, center or right, but everyone knows who is a Croat, a Serb or a Bosniak, and that no normal or rational conception of state organisation or normal life is possible in that sort of environment. Boro

2022-09-20T19:20:53+00:00September 20th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Stefan Djukić, Bar: Lost Identities

If we take a look around, we can see that in Montenegro we don't have a left, but in its place is a right falsely representing itself. The existing nominal right, on the other hand, is conserved in struggles that belong to a time long passed.  Stefan Djukic The tectonic

2022-09-20T19:20:34+00:00September 20th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments

Atanas Kirovski, Skopje: Empty ideologies

In all that mixture of narrow party platforms, there is no real ideological confrontation between the left and the right, nor do the parties have any ideological consistency. Atanas Kirovski The Macedonian political milieu is a conglomerate of different types of political parties that perceive and practice power as a

2022-09-20T19:20:17+00:00September 20th, 2022|Vicinities chronicles|0 Comments
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