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Stories of the invisible

The 'Walk with us - Phiren Amenca' NGO, alongside the Institute for Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI) and a consortium that brings together numerous organizations around the world, have recognized the burden of the pandemic and that the most vulnerable social group in Montenegro cannot cope with it.

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Orhan Usein, Belgrade: Being Roma

We do not have forced sterilisation anymore, but do have school segregation. We are not slaves anymore, but 60% of us work in the informal economy, for much less wage, compared to 30% of our non-Roma neighbours. We do not face the holocaust anymore, but our life expectancy is 10

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Saliha Djuderija, Sarajevo: Let’s talk about racism

The European Commission report on the evaluation of the framework of the National Strategies for Roma Integration by 2020 confirms that 'the ambition to end Roma exclusion has not been achieved.' Mr.sci. Saliha Djuderija When you call someone a 'gypsy' in everyday language, it actually means 'the one living in

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Elvis Berisa, Podgorica: Anti-Gypsyism

This term denotes a particular form of racism directed against the Roma people, which is based on the view that this population is inferior to others, and that therefore violence against them is justified. Elvis Berisa There is hardly another group in the world towards which there is a sort

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Daut Qulangji, Prishtina: The Roma community was most affected by the pandemic

We continue to witness human rights violations of the Roma community, violence against Roma children in schools, discrimination in various public institutions, including in the healthcare system, which is particularly worrying at a time when the world is facing a pandemic. Daut Qulangji The corona-virus pandemic has affected everyone's daily

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