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Ivana Muskinja: Psychological support to families

Ivana Muskinja is a systemic family psychotherapist and leader of Familylab Serbia, an organization aiming to promote and preserve values outlined by the renowned Danish psychotherapist and author Jesper Jul.

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Jadranko Pranjic: Balancing mental, physical, and social health

Jadranko Pranjic, president of the BiH Yoga in Daily Life Association discusses parallels and similarities of the Covid-19 crisis and the post-war period in BiH from the perspective of health and self-help mechanisms.

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Vera Jovanovska Tipko, Skopje: Lockdown – Shut down – Reprogram – Restart!

Panicking, we realized the misconception about the inverted value criteria, about the wrong priorities, about the meaning of some things that were not important until yesterday, about the meaning of living. About human fragility. We got to know it, but are we ready for change?! Dr Vera Jovanovska Tipko As

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Radoje Cerović, Podgorica: The danger of returning to default settings

Post-pandemic periods in history tended to be those of great progress and prosperity. We are not entirely certain this will be the case now, but either way we will witness a unique psycho-social experiment. Radoje Cerovic The pandemic threat has radically changed our lives, catalysing a wave of chronic stress

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Bojana Obradović, Belgrade: Being human suddenly became a challenge

Abnormal responses to abnormal situations are normal, and that seems to be a lesson all of humanity suddenly learned. If we think about it for a moment, this may be one of the rare times humanity was in something Together. Bojana Obradović March 2020. The very first case of Coronavirus

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Enisa Mesic, Sarajevo: What did we lose when we got the masks?

Did we grow tired? Confused? Scared? What have we learned? Maybe the most important question is - do we have the strength to pause and ask ourselves how we are really doing? Enisa Mesic It will soon be one year since we put our masks on, officially began functioning with

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