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Vladimir Radunović, Belgrade: Cyber-security and digital society – two sides of the same coin

It has become clear: we are no longer (only) targets in cyber space – we are weapons used to attack others. Vladimir Radunović At the end of June 2017 several large companies - Maersk, DHL, Mondelez and others - almost ceased to exist due to the intrusion of a virus

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Ljubica Pendaroska, Skopje: What have we learned from previous attacks?

Hacker attacks happen everywhere, regardless of the sophistication of the protection system. In the cyber world, there is no such thing as a perfect protection, nor a perfect crime! Ljubica Pendaroska At the outset, it would be correct to acknowledge: the criminal mind of hackers is almost always a step

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Saša Šćekić, Podgorica: A wake-up call for cyber security

This year has made it clear to us that a comprehensive, strategic and practical approach to defence of critical IT infrastructure is necessary. Saša Šćekić The scope of the cyber attack that recently "knocked down" most of the public administration services in Montenegro is so large that the Government had

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Anila Hoxha, Tiranë: Vulnerable to cyber attacks

As a NATO member country, Albania was involved in the drafting of national cyber defense policies, among them the National Strategy 2020-2025. Anila Hoxha 6 years ago, at the Warsaw Summit, NATO Heads of State defined cyberspace as an operational dimension of NATO, land, sea and outer space alike. This

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