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Anila Hoxha, Tiranë: Vulnerable to cyber attacks

September 27th, 2022|0 Comments

As a NATO member country, Albania was involved in the drafting of national cyber defense policies, among them the National Strategy 2020-2025. Anila Hoxha 6 years ago, at the Warsaw Summit, NATO Heads of State

Arian Sheremeti, Prishtina: Cyber war

September 27th, 2022|0 Comments

In 2016, NATO allies recognized cyberspace as a new operational area that NATO must protect as much as it must protect air, land, and sea space.  Arian Sheremeti Worldwide statistics show an alarming increase in

The Voice of Vicinity

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U Iranu protestuju žene.

U Rusiji protestuju žene.

Žene će, možda, spasiti svet.

Nataša Buzurović@natasavb

It’s not a resurrection of fascism – because fascism never died. And don’t think Italy is an exception – we already have 50 shades of fascism all over Europe. And unless there is a strong antifascist movement that is both anticapitalist and internationalist, we’re doomed.

Srećko Horvat@HorvatSrecko

Moramo u oktobru birati partije i ljude koji će nas uvesti u EU ; sa ovom korumpiranom i kriminogenom političkom oligarhijom nećemo nikada.

Dino Mustafic@MdinoDino

Светов пролеа повеќе солзи за завршувањето на кариерата на Федерер отколку за илијадниците деца што загинаа во Украина.

Aleksandar Tortevski@atortevski

Meqë për 30 vjet u fol shumë, por nuk u bë asgjë, i bëjmë thirrje hakerëve të hapin urgjent dosjet!

lutfi dervishi@lutfidervishi,