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Testimony to the times we live in

Towards better understanding, respecting the Other, and implied respect of the rule of law - towards everything that will make us part of the democratic world. It is time for democratic institutions to become tradition, rather than the goal we are slowly and clumsily pursuing. In honouring the tradition

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Scaled Down Southern Hospitality

What is left in the end? The Man is always left standing. The Man and his surroundings, or vicinities. That is precisely why it is essential that we hear and see each other: the consciousness of the Other is the first step towards consideration.  We must remove the Other from

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The strengthening of radicalism and demagogy, failings of economies, poverty and unemployment, consequences of historical stresses, are all characteristics of the ‘new normal’ which may frighten the developed world. To us, this seems like a piece of cake, cake we’d been served many times before. ‘The new normal’ is, indeed,

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The Grumps of our reality

Honestly, what the, hm, fudge is wrong with us Croats? Why is whingeing our most developed collective skill?  (Some) public space figures and voices are changing, but the concerns and frustrations of common, normal people, alongside a celebration or two, remain largely the same. I've been going through my computer

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Sketching out Chronicles of the Abnormal

In waiting for the vaccine, humanity is, in reality, waiting for a new victor on the global capitalist scene. Simultaneously, our region is reliving its bloody history as a constant projection of the future. If the French philosopher Alan Badiou was to take his definition of 'an event' as a

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