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Djordje Latinovic: Laughing under our masks

Djordje Latinovic is a diplomat, former BiH ambassador to Montenegro, political analyst, but also the author of several books of satire. In the video, he talks about the themes of his aphorisms which he draws inspiration for in the everyday life of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Moyo Kilington, Skopje: Juvax, non-aligned and aligned

Through the Yugoslav Juvax system, the whole world is fighting the virus using the Kozara 6 vaccine. Some of the fraternal non-aligned nations are already returning to normal functioning in the socio-cultural life, and many of them reopened the penal camps. Moyo Kilington As predicted by domestic and international experts,

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Danilo Djuric, Prishtina: The Tunnel Sage

Today, when we have over 300 disinfection tunnels behind us unlike any other country in the Balkans, we believe in a better tomorrow. We pray every day. Danilo Djuric After experiencing enlightenment he briefly retired to solitude, searching for the meaning of life. Fortunately, he quickly realised his wisdom can

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Nenad Kulacin, Belgrade: Serbia in the EU!

Serbia no longer needs to negotiate, or meet any accession conditions. What Vucic did for Serbia, no one ever did for the EU. Nenad Kulacin The day has come - April 1, 2022 - when we will finally know whether Serbia, or rather its President, has decided to become a

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Brano Mandic, Podgorica: The first Government Procession Session

According to sources from the office of Prime Minister Krivokapic, Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic used his influence to prevent the procession from being held kneeling, as previously announced. Brano Mandic Today the Montenegrin Government will hold the first liturgical procession session, which will start in the centre of Podgorica

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Edmond Tupja, Tirana: April Fools’ Day, annually or daily?

For our politicians to remain longer in power under any circumstances and at any price, as it is now, April Fools’ Day is not annual, neither monthly, not even a weekly event, but it is on daily basis and their promises are simply dark stitches sewn with white threads. Edmond

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