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Dzevdet Tuzlic, Sarajevo: Miljacka’s Strauss united the region

Politics placed nation, affiliation with religion and political parties ahead of any human quality and talent. Ivica Osim was certainly one of those who refused to subscribe to this fashion.  Dzevdet Tuzlic When "astonished gardens weep", like Baseskija used to say, and when they weep equally in Japan, Austria and

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Dusan Dacic, Belgrade: Sports and political turmoil

The abuse of sports for political purposes primarily reflects in the government delegating their staff outside of sports in order to manage sports events without having adequate knowledge in the field itself. Dusan Dacic The link between sports and politics is in constant flux. As political turmoil on the global

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Vladimir Gojkovic, Herceg Novi: Athletes as political “ornaments”

A long-standing atmosphere has been created implying that  there is no sports prosperity without political support - more precisely, without support from the government. Vladimir Gojkovic Sport and politics have been linked for years, even decades, in our vicnity. Mostly and unfortunately not because athletes wanted this, or have been

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Endi Tufa, Tirane: (Mis)use of sport

Albanian sport, as everywhere in the world, is a vassal of politics. Shapes, image, colors may change, but the phenomenon is the same ...  Endi Tufa In today's world reality there is no area of social life that is not influenced, conditioned and controlled by politics. Sport is no exception.

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