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Insufficient vaccination rate in Montenegro

Despite the daily dramatic growth of patients and deaths from the COVID-19 virus, only 32% of the population in Montenegro has been vaccinated. Even those who should be vaccinated, often choose not to do so. One such an unfounded and irresponsible example was recorded these days in the TV Vijesti

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It is in the interest of the European Union to accept the countries of the Western Balkans as soon as possible

Professor Dejan Jovic, member of the Advisory Group for the Balkans, BiEPAG, at a panel on the topic: "Enlargement of the European Union in times of uncertainty". Link to the panel in full:  

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Ilir Alimehmeti, Tirana: No trust no vaccine

Mandatory vaccination is potentially accompanied by vast risks including but not limited to: further decrease of trust in vaccines, further decrease of trust in institutions and experts, and, most unfortunately, mandatory vaccinations pave the way to the phenomenon of fictitious vaccination only for documentation and not for health purposes. Ilir

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Nikola Panovski, Skopje: Ausweis vaccines

As an expert, I do not agree with restrictive measures that would stimulate vaccination. Vaccine affirmation can be done in a much more cultural and professional way. They really save lives, make a campaign for that.  Nikola Panovski  I am preparing the second edition of the textbook on Medical Microbiology

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Jasenko Karamehic, Tuzla: Politics doesn’t show an appreciation for immunologists

If the number of infections and deaths increases, if there is great destruction, or paralysis in society due to a pandemic, then state governments should use their prerogatives and impose mandatory vaccination. Dr. Jasenko Karamehic As a university professor, before the plague struck us, I often spoke to my students

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Nemanja Radojevic, Podgorica: Our miserable reality

It can't be expected that any vaccination promotion campaign would be able affect the wider consciousness of a nation with a very low high education rate, and a significant number of those who trust the tabloids more than they trust medical professionals. Dr Nemanja Radojevic As the Convention on Human

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