Serbia no longer needs to negotiate, or meet any accession conditions. What Vucic did for Serbia, no one ever did for the EU.

Nenad Kulacin

The day has come – April 1, 2022 – when we will finally know whether Serbia, or rather its President, has decided to become a European Union Member State.

The inauguration of Aleksandar Vucic as President is scheduled for today, after a landslide victory in the recent presidential election. He has won 97.43 percent of all votes which have been cast. All other presidential candidates – Vojislav Seselj, Misa Desnica, Milica Zavetnica, Goca Comic, Miroljub Bato and Branislav Nestorovic, had 2.57 percent between them.

This brilliant victory came after an even more important one – Aleksandar Vucic was the only one in Europe able to defeat the Coronavirus. While the European Union continues to struggle with the fourth wave, the newly elected president of Serbia was the only one in Europe to organize a fair, free and democratic election. All that after the 17th wave of Coronavirus. The EU is only on the fourth, and we have reached the 17th wave – corona has definitely gotten tired. It’s gone.

President Vucic has deeply impressed the EU with his ability to fight against this vicious virus, 17 times at that. He took his chance. Serbia is the European leader in industrial growth, GDP, production of matches, gummy bears, and toilet bowl sales. We are the only country that has defeated the Coronavirus, and the only one with factories for the production of vaccines from seven different manufacturers – three each from Russia and China, and one from Mauritius. Serbia is the only country where you can buy vaccines in supermarkets, large shopping malls, small pharmacies, and we are currently negotiating with hardware stores, shoemakers and tailors. We’ve already been exporting the vaccines through the Srbax program, the only problem is there’s no one to buy them, so President Vucic is seriously considering gift bags.

After the stellar success, which the President achieved with his own two hands working day and night, it was decided at the election that Serbia should no longer have a parliament or a government, but only a President. The people accepted this notion, and enabled Vucic to finally say, with no hesitation, ‘Serbia, that’s me’. The EU also finally understood the genius of our president, and decided to leave itself in his hands. Serbia no longer needs to negotiate, or meet any accession conditions. What Vucic did for Serbia, no one ever did for the EU. Brussels hopes that with Vucic’s decision to make Serbia an EU member, the European continent would move forward with great speed and there would be no obstacles to impede further progress of the population. Vucic himself deciding how to proceed will be enough.

In anticipation of his decision, it is important to note that this has not been easy on Vucic. A lot of responsibility lies on his shoulders. Though he knows no fear or an unsolvable enigma. From the moment he first used his supernatural powers to benefit us all, back when he was rescuing a child from the snowstorm in Feketic, it was clear that there has been a man walking on European soil who we’ve been waiting for for centuries.

Europe has realized that only HE can save it. This issue is much more important for the EU than for Serbia. We can do without the EU. But can the Union do without us? We will know the answer to this question as early as tomorrow.


Nenad Kulacin, Author and host of the first Serbian political spaghetti eastern – The good, the bad, and the evil