We want to see kayaks cruising down Komarnica, conscientious fishermen, and we want many pairs of eyes from across the world to enjoy it.

Nina Pantovic

Think clear  – for Komarnica! The 2023 protest-educational camp is a protest demanding the preservation of Komarnica – the river, the canyon, an area that has so much more potential than can be expressed in GWh (gigawatt hours). Therefore, the request is to fully protect the Nature Park “Dragišnica and Komarnica” so that any destructive exploitation is impossible. We want to see kayaks cruising down Komarnica, conscientious fishermen, and we want many pairs of eyes from across the world to enjoy it. We want those who live there and enjoy its beauty every day to properly enjoy its fruits. Our vision of this area, specifically Savnik, is to be the outdoor center of the Balkans, a place where we combine tourism and nature, tourism and locals, and the world with nature.

The construction of the hydroelectric power plant on Komarnica would cost a dizzying 350 million for now, because over the years, the price is only rising. The total annual production of power is estimated to be at 213 GWh, which at current prices is just below 35 million euros in revenue. When taking into account the cost of construction, the duration of construction and the repayment of debt required for the realization of this project, it would not significantly improve the energy and economic sectors.

The ecological point is significant endemism in the Komarnica canyon, a completely unexplored oasis of life where organisms found refuge during the ice ages and fought for survival. In June of this year scientists from various parts of Europe will gather in Savnik, in order to explore the canyon and list the species that live in the area.

The social aspect is the most important one. The trend of leaving Savnik has been on the rise for the past 3 decades. We need to empower young people, agricultural producers and young professionals to stay and develop Savnik, valorizing the resources they have there. If we invested 10 million annually in small development projects, households and recreational associations, this territory would establish stable rural tourism and agriculture within 5 years, which would give perspective to this area and ensure the survival of people and life in Savnik and its surroundings.

In May 2022, we organized the first protest camp in response to the decision of the Government of Montenegro to grant Elektroprivreda (National power company) a 30-year concession for the exploitation of the hydro potential of the Komarnica river and canyon.

What were the main activities you did at the camp?

The focus activities of the camp were rafting down the Komarnica River, walks along the edge of the canyon, exploring flora and fauna, activist and art workshops, but also an exhibition day where participants could try and buy products from the Savnik region.

Although positive opinions regarding the construction of HPP are more popular among the local population, only some were involved from the beginning, such as professor Milija Ceranic, actor Velizar Kasalica, as well as the good women of Savnik who supported us by being part of the exhibition of Savnik area products with knitted handicrafts; they also held a small class on knitting and making pie bases… But we are happy to say that after the camp, we have even more comrades, even from Savnik! The local community will see what wealth they already possess, and we want to help them value it.

From the beginnings of the initiative ‘Save Komarnica’ to today, we have been supported by over 5 thousand people, through protests, social media, an international network of activists, scientists, lawyers and river defenders. We are also supported by numerous kayakers, fishermen, locals and nature lovers.

We invite future decision makers to THINK CLEAR!


Nina Pantović, future agricultural engineer and nature protector since 2019