The planting was also attended by children who got a real example that trees should be planted and cared for.

Miodrag Vujović

Despite the uncertain weather conditions, our local planting action was realized perfectly.

It was carried out in Podgorica at the location of a children’s park, so that the 50 trees that were planted there benefit our little ones the most. In addition to the members of the KOD organization, other representatives of local non-governmental organizations and local citizens joined the planting action, despite the fact that there were several environmentally themed events on that day. The volunteers recognized the importance of our initiative.

When it comes to communication with city’s greenery department that deals with the greening of the capital city, I can say that unlike the previous period when it was not at the best level, this time it was the opposite. Although funds were allocated for the transport of seedlings, digging holes and the planting itself, the city’s greenery recognized the importance of this action and decided that the transport and planting service would be free of charge, and more than 15 employees were present at the planting action, helping dig and prepare holes for planting before our arrival. The reasons why this cooperation was lacking in the previous period can be elaborated and linked to various factors, from political ones to a host of others, but what is important is that we started acting together in a matter that represents a common interest and universal value.

Also, in the previous period, in cooperation with the same company, we agreed on the location and type of trees that need to be planted on the site. Today it is enriched by new seedlings of pine tree, cypress, southern celts, castanea sativa, fraxinus, kelerenteria, and cedar pine.

The wonderful news is that the planting was attended by children who were given a real example how trees should be planted and cared for. Also, they were so inspired that they named the trees and promised to visit them during the summer to make sure they had enough water.

What is particularly important for us is that this is a continuation of our activities in the field of greening, and this ‘Trees of Friendship’ initiative made both our action and the need to raise awareness in this area even more visible and stronger and sent a regional message that each of us must wake up immediately within the scope of our capabilities, because air pollution knows no national borders or similar barriers, and the only way to oppose it is by pursuing actions of this type.


Miodrag Vujovic,  Secretary-General of the KOD Organization, an economist by profession and essentially a fighter for a fairer and more responsible society