European values, generalizing human values, include a wide space of ideas, rules and principles which have changed and been modified over the centuries by Europe itself but also by European societies.

Erion Mecini

We can discuss the issue that values can change, starting between individuals and then also between countries, therefore we can rely on these different European values, which basically have the human value itself, and which we can list like this:

Democracy: The history of a democratic Europe is related to the tradition that this country itself has had, and that the basis of this democracy has been the functioning of government and respect for the law. Therefore, as a main value, it aimed to encourage citizens towards their participation in a democratic system and also the formation of free and fair elections.

Equality: Equality as a phenomenon is a value that enjoys great support and respect, being seen as a factor that aims to fight injustice and discrimination with the common goal of promoting European values.

Human rights: This value best describes the tradition and image of a country that is Europe, considering the steps taken since 1950 that marks the “European Convention on Human Rights” as a step towards protection and implementation of human values throughout Europe.

Education: Education is seen as one of the most delicate European values, seeing the importance it has towards the development of the quality of education for the entire population, which made this value an important factor towards the promotion of personal development, progress and the mobilization of society. , which made us more aware not only of human values but of all existing values in Europe.

Social Welfare: As a primary value, it aims to create a more peaceful and safe environment for all the citizens of this country, which bears the responsibility of forming a high standard of living for every citizen.

Cultural Diversity: If we go back in time, centuries ago, we can observe a Europe that has always been open to different cultures, traditions and points of view, which made us realize that we are looking towards a country that fights against inequalities , discrimination and differences, therefore, Europe carries within itself the value of cultural diversity.

It is worth noting that these values are not always supported by every individual or society, where we go back to what I said at the beginning about the differences between these two factors because attitudes and positions can change. However, the values that I mentioned above remain the basic pillar of building a bridge between Europe and human values (traditions), which helps in the development of societies not only in Europe but also in the whole world.


Erion Mecini, currently holds the position of “Junior Center Assistant” at the American Advising Center