Media and social networks often become easily imitative for teenagers, making the relationship with students in the institution difficult.

 Alma Lama

Today, the teacher in Albania is a professional sought by parents who have an important assessment for their children’s education. The teacher very patiently raised his figure, which was trampled in the political/economic transition, and for this he needed a persistent continuation and with professional integrity to rise again.

What happens in schools today?

How motivated is the teacher?

Is he free to express himself?

Is he included in the new school building policy?

Is he included in policies for the well-being or safety and well-being of students?

Today we have an overloaded teacher due to the role in the institution, a bureaucracy of endless documents, not supported by didactic tools, scientific laboratories and digital infrastructure. This gives the teacher an overload as his words alone do not make the lesson interesting and are not enough in arousing the interest of the teenagers attacked by the technology of the time.

Today we have teachers who are not economically motivated by the employer. The teacher is often forced to do a second job making him helpless and overworked.

We have a teacher who does not feel completely free to express himself both within the institution and in the media, since most schools are run by political leaders.

Cooperation is imposed on the teacher when it comes to curricula, programs, data administration, even when it comes to work above the norm expressed in the law.

The teacher understands that often “big or small projects” initiated by the line ministry bring benefits to a limited number of institutions, often feeling excluded the suburbs and rural areas. Today in our country we do not have equal education for every child and this brings loss seeing that the leader can be anywhere, not necessarily in the metropolis.

Today in our country GDP is at low levels, not enabling investment in education or scientific research.

The policy over the years has repeated similar projects giving you

benefits of a group of people or clans around politics leaving the teacher only part of the photos to send to the donors.

Security and discipline give the school strong pillars of cooperation with all partners.

The question arises, are our schools safe? Partly yes! I say this because a large number of parents are absent from the institution even when they are with their families. Some are emigrating, especially in rural and suburban areas. Thus the teacher/psychologist has to face all the problems of the teenager alone. The safety and well-being of the adolescent requires several social and economic factors to be analyzed. The state also plays an important role here. Studies, and then piloting, should help and clarify the family and social behavioral panorama. Media and social networks often become easily imitative for teenagers, making the relationship with students in the institution difficult.

The teachers have the help of the parent and in the majority they want their presence in the school.

Today he feels alone in his role. Although a significant number of schools, about 400, have turned into community schools, the role of communities is low…

If you noticed carefully, the teacher in my opinion had many roles to respond to all the dynamics in the school institution…

In conclusion, if teachers are not treated with the aim of subject integration, integration of knowledge, integration of fields at the level of medium and long-term projects and plans, the students and their future are at risk.


Alma Lama is the president of the Independent Education Union and the Executive Director of the training and school support center “Faik Konica”