Love is right. Openness is right. Imagination is right. Empathy is right. The future is right, because no one is going to live in the past after all, neither us nor our hated enemies.

 Zoran Kesic

I fear that waging war is human nature, and that education, technological advances, medical development, the discovery of car mobile phone holders, and other benefits of civilization can only partially anesthetize our innate urge to tear down our neighbors.

Sooner or later, the desire to destroy those who are not Us will return, and that is why I consider all peace initiatives based on conversation, tolerance, respect for human rights and a kind smile (in lieu of a frowning, threatening look) to be meaningless.

You don’t fight war with peace, you win a war by waging one!

I hereby invite all those interested in peace to report to the nearest recruitment center to be sent to war. For peace.

Why would we retreat from evil and base our entire defense tactics on the power of positive thinking, feng shui and the hope that ‘surely it won’t happen’

Those will be the first to suffer, and the inscription ‘had positive thoughts’ will be hung on their pale, cold toes.

My plan is very clear – let’s attack first, while the enemy hasn’t regrouped.

Let’s call a liar a liar, a fascist a fascist, a hypocrite a hypocrite, and a profiteer a profiteer.

Let’s take away their shields!

Let’s take away the state from dirty politicians, the flag from nationalist scoundrels, the church from criminals disguised as great believers. The state, the flag, and the church deserve much better than them and those alike.

Patriotism has been appropriated by those who are a disgrace to the nation.

And don’t be fooled by a series of life coaches, gurus and other scumbags – hatred doesn’t have to be a bad feeling at all, on the contrary.

Love thy neighbor, yes!

But hate the hater, why not.

Let’s not yield our weapons without a fight.

Let’s not let them be louder, so it seems that there are more of them.

Let’s not let them be more aggressive, they’ll be surprised when we show our teeth.

Let’s not give up our streets, we know every corner much better than them. We ran through those streets, we were chased and chased, we fell, we got up, defended every inch of asphalt when they were just learning to read their first letters, and from what I can see they didn’t even learn those very well.

Let’s play to experience. And to righteous rage.

Say the truth right to their faces, preferably with a smile.

Let’s trample them, but do it with style. Almost leave them wanting more.

We are right, we don’t doubt it for a moment.

Love is right. Openness is right. Imagination is right. Empathy is right. The future is right, because no one is going to live in the past after all, neither us nor our hated enemies.

We are waging a war on ignorance,, hatred, chauvinism, misogyny and homophobia, on violence and brutality, on insensitivity to the needs of others, we are fighting against those who incite us to new wars between ourselves and old wars against neighbors, we are fighting against a return to the dark Middle Ages, and fighting for a path towards a bright future.

And well, if we have any time left,  we can also wage a war on the use of that ridiculous autotune in modern music, but I get it’s possible that I will remain a lone soldier in that battle.

I accept giving up the commodity of intellectually perceiving the situation, concluding that everything has gone to hell and I give up on my decision not to wallow in that mud, in order to keep my dignity by not participating.

Let’s trade.

I give you my dignity, you give me your uniform and weapons.

You then take the double dignity, and use it to contemptuously shake your head at things, and I’ll go to the trenches.

It is human nature to wage war.

Let’s not run away from it, especially if we are fighting for something really valuable, worthy of suffering and sacrifice: for goodness, for justice, for freedom and for peace.