Those who thought that Ana Brnabic becoming Prime Minister would improve the position of the LGBT community was very, very wrong.

Zoran Kesic

The official beginning of homosexuality in Yugoslavia is usually considered be 1984, when Steven revealed to his father Blake Carrington that he prefers guys to girls. Mr. Carrington took it very hard, but over time (and new episodes of Dynasty), paternal love overcame homophobia and it all ended well. I say well, if we exclude the fact that all the characters in the show were eventually shot and killed, regardless of whether they liked boys or girls.

The youth of SFRY then realised it was possible to love the same sex, which gave them new opportunities and a fresh perspective.

Parallel to the bloom of gay-lesbianism was the strengthening of the movement’s opposition, characterised by the idiotic slogan ‘Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve’.

Indeed the most common argument against same-sex love is one of religious nature, because allegedly this is not what God had in mind.

And you can find out what God had in mind in more detail with the official representatives – former bishop Kacavenda or bishop Pahomije.

The issue of the LGBT population became a political issue the moment when Serbia clearly indicated its orientation towards Europe and European values; essentially coming out of the pro-European closet.

The Lesbian-Gay-Trans-Something is very important to Europe because one of the foundations of democracy is respect for the human right to give it to whoever and take it from whoever, as long as it doesn’t contradict the law.

Then-opposition in Serbia (mostly the radicals with today’s progressive Vucic) was openly against rainbow colours, and they’ve declared Belgrade’s first attempts of a Pride Parade shameful, blasphemous, satanist, spitting on tradition, the Church, the candle, and Kosovo, successfully encouraging (hiring) a number of football fans, hooligans, and criminals to demonstrate their dedication to traditional, family values by hitting the faggots on the heads, twisting the lesbians’ arms, turning over containers of undefined sexual orientation, and ceremoniously breaking shop windows.

‘A faggot will not walk on the streets of the city’ is one of the most recognizable slogans of that magnificent uprising, and evidence that a true Serb, a family man, religious, with an affinity for the right hole, will never reconcile with the disgusting parade of shame.

More precisely, he will not reconcile for the next few years, yet after the change of ideological orientation of nationalist radicals to pro-European progressives, he will reconcile with the parade of shame, and after Vucic and his team come to power, he will be like – ‘a faggot can walk through the city, and he will not walk around the city if Vucic becomes opposition again, needing the faggot not to walk the city again’.

And so, the faggot has been walking for years, yet he’s none closer to realising their rights.

Those who thought that Ana Brnabic becoming Prime Minister would improve the position of the LGBT community was very, very wrong.

Brnabic is privately a gay person, but the problem is that Brnabic is officially Brnabic. And Brnabic has become a synonym for someone who does not have an opinion, who does not ask anything, but simply figures as a mascot, a doll that opens its mouth and speaks in the voice of the puppet-master.

I personally have nothing against people loving whoever they want, marrying their partners thereby gaining the same rights as us, who are in male-female, traditional marriages.

When it comes to adopting children, I would always give preference to traditional couples, so that the child has a father and a mother.

Although who can guarantee that a traditional male-female couple is not a pair of fools who will treat that child badly?

I would then prefer the child to be adopted by a couple of good and caring people, be they male-male or female-female.

It is nonsensical and cruel to me that it is better for a child without parents to continue growing up without parents, than with parents of the same sex who will love and take care of it.

Of course, my thinking about homosexuals, trans, and lesbians can be so liberal, because it comes from the brain of a man who is free of imposed fences of the expected, inherited and implied.

I have travelled a bit around the world and seen that in some countries it is normal for same-sex couples to hold hands and kiss in the mouth. As it is normal for us non-gays to watch them with amazement, photograph them secretly and later show our friends in the homeland, telling them about the strange things we have encountered.

For the end of this column, I suggest a top 5 list of my favourite homo-gay guys from show business:

  1. Freddie Mercury. Good guy. Moustache guy.
  2. Elton John. Hilarious guy
  3. George Michael. I was convinced this boy loved girls. A heartbreaker. I’m shocked!
  4. Kevin Spacey. Great guy. Just like the guy above, I wouldn’t think he was a guys’ guy, but definitely a great guy.
  5. Sir Ian McKellen. Wizard guy, wonderful guy!