I have had a personal and professional need for years to annoy bastards. Even today, more than ever, I feel the need to make it clear to them how much I despise everything related to this global movement of spreading nonsense.

Zoran Kesic

Knowing that the lying anti-vaccine vermin cannot wait to maliciously enjoy my disease and immediately connect it with the fact that I, like a vast common sense minority, was vaccinated, I very precisely and publicly stated the exact name and surname of my disease.

Inflammation of the vestibular nerve.

An untreated cold and general congestion went to my middle ear and caused a disturbance of the balance center. As Cola would say, ‘I’m drunk and I didn’t even drink’.* That’s more or less how the disease manifests itself.

Given the number of well-meaning people who contacted me who have or have had the same problem, I now realize that something vestibular happens quite often, that it’s been happening from the beginning of time, and it will continue to happen. It has nothing to do with the vaccine or Corona, and especially not with the heartless, cruel anti-vaccine Orcs who have again decided to skip, bypass, anti-vaccinate the truth.

Focusing solely on their bizarre obsession with exposing the global corona conspiracy, exposing the fake vaccine, and calling on God in every other sentence because, of course, Satanism, these vultures could hardly wait for such non-proof to become their key evidence.

Of course, with a few simple image processing tools, so-called cropping.

For example, one of the anti-vaccine ‘voices of reason’ published an authentic headline on social media notifying people I got sick, but conveniently cropped out the bottom line of the text which explains the reason for my illness. For the sake of persuasiveness, he added his own interpretation: ‘I think this one also got jabbed’.

You can only imagine the delighted comments on this final confirmation that vaccines are evil, and whoever gets a jab will surely die, or at the very least get this vestibular thing.

‘It takes so little to make the suffering people happy’, I think as I read the celebratory comments of enthusiastic traditionalists, patriots and great believers who celebrate my illness almost like they celebrated Mitrovic’s goals in our three qualifying matches.

Another influential Facebook liar didn’t even bother too much. He simply decided to be my personal doctor for the day and provided his diagnosis: ‘Kesic fell ill after vaccination”.  If we were to pursue that logic, why not go for the variants:  ‘Kesic got sick after swimming in the cold sea… Kesic got sick after being sent to the army because, well, it makes sense… Kesic got sick in kindergarten…. Kesic got sick after being born’

The fact is that all these events preceded my illness, so why not just put two and two together and… wait, here it comes – drum roll please – the crowning proof that vaccines are ‘yuk’.

I publicly addressed one of those freaks, called him a liar, and asked him why he was deceiving the public.

As soon as the liar replied with a comment from which I remember only that I’m a Satanist and that someone would sue me for something as soon as this was over, my wife permanently took my phone away, and threatened to throw me out on the street if I continued to endanger my health by arguing with fools.

Luckily I managed to block notifications from the numbing Facebook pages, and stop the continuation of the war with these brainwashed people.

In the following days, I was told that after my violent kamikaze break-in into the anti-vaxxer lunatics’ den, they all jumped to fight yours truly. I can only imagine the amount of disgust, pleasure and evil they vomited there. The strangest thing of all is that I’m glad – it sits just right.

I have had a personal and professional need for years to annoy bastards. Even today, more than ever, I feel the need to make it clear to them how much I despise everything related to this global movement of spreading nonsense.

So, here is some good news for Serbian anti-vaxxers. You’re not the only ones I find disgusting. There was contempt before, but this is next level.

By consciously falsifying the news of someone’s illness, with unhinged joy about someone not being well, these lunatics have crossed the line where one can simply feel sorry for them, stare in wonder, or avoid them as you avoid something on the street that is not pleasant to step on, because, imagine bringing a piece of anti-vax into your house on your shoe soles?! It stinks, and you’ve got to scrape your sneaker.

It is no longer just stupidity, it is now undisguised, bare evil.

An irresistible urge to prove true perhaps the only thing they believe in in their miserable, failed lives.

In spite of science, in spite of reason, in spite of medicine, in spite of history, in spite of all the health workers who save our lives and lose theirs in order to save us…

In spite of humanity.

Because what is left to the anti-vaxxer if you take his firmly decided belief system away?

What is he without that ‘truth’?

The same as he was before – nothing and no one.

It is so cruel and meaningless.

And meaningless masses need meaning.

They found it in a Youtube clip, in which a grey haired, polished man, who looks like a world-class fraud, reveals the conspiracy of the universe, the secret of Freemasonry and the lie of vaccines. Those who see ‘beyond the imposed narrative’ will send you that video so that you can watch it, with a note to say ‘this is what’s behind mainstream media’.

Yes, of course it’s behind. Just as porn isn’t on the programme right after the evening news – it’d be a little weird. Or just like Pod Mac Bata**, fits right into Balkan Info and Happy TV, and shouldn’t be considered seriously. Unless it’s a serious psychiatric consideration.

And that is why I cannot wait to get better, and when I recover, I will dedicate my public activity to fight stupidity, lies and evil stronger and sharper than ever.

And it will hurt, believe me, more than any jab you’re so afraid of.

That will be my mission.

And I have another one, a private one – to get my wife to give me back my phone.


*well-known verse from a 2000s pop-song by Zdravko Colic

**anti-vaxxer and Youtube conspiracy theorist Miroljub Petrovic