A second year in a row is slowly coming to an end, the main characteristic being that its number has changed, without a feeling that any time has passed while it was here.

 Voja Zanetic

One day, historians will certainly be able to determine what happened during this year and the previous one, which direction it all took and where it went, but the broader picture of the outcome escapes us, who are living in the Now. And again:

Someone witty posted a photo of a full bar on social media and captioned it ‘2019 B.C. Before Corona.’ The label Before Christ (B.C.), which until now we have used to describe how long ago something used to be, becomes a sad reminder that people ‘long, long ago’, Pre- Corona, lived freely. Above all, free from the fear that mathematical probability will lead them to give a personal contribution to the morbid charts about the numbers of sick and deceased from the Infection. And those who cannot stand this maths have replaced it with a slightly different system of logic – and overcoming this does require some sort of system – whose axioms are Conspiracy, Deception, Power and Profit. There is a vaccine injection in the lobby of the two worlds. And the freedom, one of the few remaining ones, to make an essentially easy decision with which tools and in which way to fight.

So time can start flowing again.

* * * * *

And yet – except for the fact that time seems to stand still – some strange mechanism rolled under us, so here are a few images that explain it.

The institution that records statistics from the Vicinity announced that the prices of products in fisheries and agriculture jumped by over 40 percent from September last year to September this year. To put it simply, a good portion of what we eat now is almost half as expensive. You should be about a third less hungry, and since salaries and pensions are not growing… Let’s add another zero to the figure above, in order to register the fact that the most valued digital currency – Bitcoin – has increased its value by about 400 percent in the last year alone. Electronic-economic bookmakers will be four times better fed. If at all possible.

Then: Elon Musk, the star of our hyper-production and consumer culture, decided to sell some shares, in order to slightly reduce the amount of money that should be set aside for paying taxes. That increased a little more, so the total amount of shares sold this week is around eight billion dollars. In the same week, it was discovered that there were workers from Vietnam on the construction site of a factory in Zrenjanin, whose passports had been confiscated. Slaves, therefore – as far away as possible from the tax-worried Musk, in general.

And especially in the 21st century.

* * * * * * *

We could keep going with these images, but there is no need. The point boils down to the fact that this global medical disorder has brought with it subsequent civilizational bipolar disorders: some are getting rich in the electronic-technological future, others have been forcibly returned to the ancient times of chains and whips. Which is quite compatible with the division into those who have and use information that’s never been more available, and those who were let in on the conspiracy by a neighbor who was informed about it by the uncle of the best friend’s sister by a colleague from work telling him what his acquaintance from the bookmaker learned from a woman which he ran into in the supermarket line. And as a sort of cherry on top of these times, there is a need for Leaders who will get us out of this surrealism, and that need is parallel to the fact that those who are ‘pulling’ us out were never further from reality. And that is, in short, our Vicinity.

The union of Heaven and Hell, who for some reason, and after centuries of separation, finally decided to get back together, right here and right now.

Well, best of luck to the newlyweds. In the Vicinity and beyond.